Seneca County Division of Human Services

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Walk with parent

For Parents/Caregivers who think their child might have been a victim of human trafficking?

  • Contact law enforcement and report your suspicions.
  • Learn your child’s rights as a victim. There are programs and agencies that can assist with supportive, nonjudgmental services. Extreme stress and trauma may be exhibited and impact someone’s ability to function.
  • Seek medical care. A victim of trafficking may have been exposed to sexually transmitted infections and should be examined immediately. If left untreated, a curable disease could have long tern consequences and possibly result in infertility.
  • Think about psychological safety. Help them identify who and what makes them feel safe. Stress the importance of staying away from what does not.
  • Seek counseling. A provider who is trauma informed and has experience with human trafficking victims may be most beneficial.
  • Monitor social media. Internet usage, website and data history should be viewed frequently.
  • Be prepared to deal with substance abuse addictions, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, and confusion during the recovery process. Avoid blaming child for his/her  role in trafficking. Refrain from words  that suggest his/her behavior and actions caused the trauma.
  • Find support in your community. A peer mentoring program or group therapy is helpful and can provide a victim with the tools to feel like a survivor.  Strength and empowerment can be part of the healing process.

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